Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs champion

In ancient times champion in the country so much talent can come to the fore, showing its literary talent and the overall strength of the strong. Each line has the industry champion, is the most outstanding industry leaders. Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs ranked first, this is indisputable. Beat other crabs taste and social status, gifts are also preferred. Let us talk about ancient times champion of Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs bit how come.
Miller says Jingkang two years (1127), broken Jinbing Bianjing, North Song Dynasty. Kang Zhao Gou in Nanjing (now Shangqiu County South) ascended the throne, nianhao “Jianyan.” That Song Emperor Zhao Gou, his reign was known as the “Song.” After Zhao Gou’s reign, constantly in pursuit Kinbyo fled south after at Yue Fei, Hanshizhong other generals desperate fight, Kinbyo returned to the north, the southern considered temporarily at peace. But Shaoxing four years (1134) in September, the alarm was underway, Kinbyo fought Huaihe River. Gao side to send ministers to the gold camp summation, one side ready for defense. Because Jingkou (now Zhenjiang), Ping Jiang (now Suzhou) is a front-line defenses, so he Pingjiang in October to check the defense. October is the crab season, he got the crabs, that delicious exception, but when his mind is not on eating, just ask the Gongfeng Guan, which is produced where? Gongfeng Guan said that the Yangcheng Lake, he remembered. Start, Song Gao also hired hawks, because they rely on to block Kinbyo, lest he fall a father and brother the same fate. Over time, especially Song and protocols signed, the situation has eased. This of course comes at a price: Song of gold to concede defeat, the annual tribute old coins silver, silk each twenty-five two horses. This makes people feel more humiliation Songzhao Chen, but the Emperor was relieved. He in turn reused reconcilable Taliban, and repression of the war party, and even persecution, Yue Fei Qin Hui is SongGaoZong instructed to “unwarranted” charges of murder in the storm Pavilion. SongGaoZong want to sacrifice the long Jiangnan, unwilling to recover the Central Plains, welcome back Hui and Qin Emperor, because two emperor back his throne gotta get away, this is his most reluctant to do. SongGaoZong sacrifice the long corner, dance all day, flies buzzing Wet. Delicacies were sick, they think of crabs come, so let Suzhou officials decreed that tribute. Officials dare not dedicated? Tribute selected Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs are big, good to pick good, so once again the Emperor reward to this delicious, extremely happy, so happy, he said: “Zhenkan National crab, only the best Yangcheng Lake, which was crab champion too! ” emperor Chrysostom, casual sentence is decree, since Yangcheng Lake hairy crabs is “crab-like” saying it spread. It is said that in ancient times when the crab without ginger vinegar, Sui and people with candied North宋人喜steamed, but the Emperor did like to use ginger vinegar sauce, his Xihucuyu praise, because vinegar weight. Emperor eat crabs dipped in ginger vinegar, everyone would do so, this will pass down to eat.

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